Consumer Proposal

In cases where neither debt consolidation nor debt negotiation can adequately address your financial challenges, there’s another avenue: a Consumer Proposal. Here’s how it works:

  1. Assessment:
      • We thoroughly evaluate your financial distress.
      • If your situation is dire and other options are insufficient, a Consumer Proposal becomes a viable consideration.
  2. Administrator of Consumer Proposals:
      • We connect you with a compassionate professional who specializes in Consumer Proposals.
      • This administrator will work with you to create a formal proposal to your creditors.
  3. Proposal to Creditors:
      • The Consumer Proposal outlines a plan to repay your debts.
      • Creditors are asked to accept reduced payments based on your income and circumstances.
      • The goal is to make your debt manageable while avoiding bankruptcy.
  4. Benefits:
      • Reduced Debt: You pay only what you can reasonably afford.
      • Legal Protection: Once accepted, the proposal is legally binding.
      • Avoiding Bankruptcy: Consumer Proposals provide an alternative to bankruptcy.

Remember, financial challenges can be overwhelming, but there are compassionate solutions available. Let’s explore the best path forward for you and your family


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