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Residential mortgage advisor in Toronto

Residential mortgage advisor at Lifeline Financial offers various mortgage services along with debt consolidation, credit repair, bankruptcy advice to clients across North York, Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, and Toronto.

Mortgage broker at Lifeline Financial offers a variety of mortgage services: Residential Mortgage | Commercial Mortgage | First Time Home Buyer Mortgage | Builder Mortgages | Mortgage Renewal | Equity Take-Out | Debt Consolidation | Credit Repair

Lifeline Financial commenced business in Toronto in September 2004 under the leadership of a veteran mortgage broker, Ken Ntiamoa, as its Principal Broker. The mortgage brokerage is located 415 Oakdale Road, Suite 208, Toronto, ON M3N 1W7. During this period, residential mortgage advisor at Lifeline Financial has assisted a variety of clients from the various cultural mosaic that makes Toronto the beautiful city that it is. Our satisfied clients number in the thousands.

Lifeline Financial tailors the best financing solutions to fit every borrower’s specific needs and circumstances. Residential mortgage advisor at Lifeline Financial analyzes the client’s long and short plans, credit, income, down payment and family needs before recommending a mortgage solution that is suitable for the client.

Mortgage Brokerages fall into one of two main categories – a lender’s broker and a borrower’s broker.

At Lifeline Financial, we would like to think of ourselves as the borrower’s broker. As much as we can, and within the ambit of the laws and regulations guiding this industry, we represent the interest of the borrower in the mortgage acquisition process. Residential mortgage advisor at Lifeline Financial protects the borrower’s interest without harming the lender in any way because we operate within the confines of the law. If a mortgage is not suitable for the borrower, the residential mortgage advisor at Lifeline Financial will advise the borrower not to assume that responsibility.

On the other hand, Lifeline Financial avoids and discourages all mortgage applications that have elements of fraud and possible conflict of interest situations to protect our cherished lenders.


Ken Ntiamoa, Bsc Eng, MBA
Principal Broker
Lic No: M08000394

The Broker of record at Lifeline Financial is Ken Ntiamoa. Ken studied Engineering at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario where he graduated in 1974 with Distinction. He went on from there to the School of Administrative Studies at York University and graduated in 1976 with an MBA.

Ken then worked for Nabisco Brands and Playtex in their Finance and Administration departments as Financial Analyst and Manager, Financial Operations respectively.

In his desire to assist new immigrants from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean Islands and elsewhere who were then moving to Toronto to acquire their own homes, Ken started his first Mortgage Brokerage company, ALTERNATIVE FINANCE INC in August 1988.

Since then, he has not only helped thousands of immigrants buy their own homes, he has also trained many mortgage agents who have gone on to become successful mortgage brokers in their own right.

Ken is an experienced, passionate and affable professional. Those who take his advice usually end well.

He is able to find a mortgage loan for some of the most difficult situations that one can encounter.

Ken Ntiamoa is also a great negotiator who can negotiate with your creditors to lower your debt load, especially if you are getting a mortgage to consolidate or pay off nagging debts. Ken and his associate started the first debt clinic are the GTA owned by migrants in 1992.

Ken is able, where possible, to save homes from repossession and he has done so for many people.

Ken has a long-standing mantra that says “IF I CAN’T HELP YOU, NOBODY CAN!”

For residential mortgage advisor, contact Lifeline Financial providing mortgage services across North York, Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, and Toronto.