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We tailor solutions to clients’ needs

Correct use of Credit Cards

Many credit card holders are unaware of the optimal ways to utilize their cards to enhance their FICO or credit scores and increase their borrowing capacity. When lenders encounter a borrower with an impressive credit score, their enthusiasm is palpable—it’s as if they want to embrace you and offer unlimited funds, even when you may not require them.

Improving your credit score involves several key strategies:

  • Monitor Your Payment History
  • Use Credit Wisely
  • Improve Your Credit History
  • Limit Credit Applications or Checks
  • Diversify Your Credit

Business Loans

Let’s explore the world of business loans and the diverse industries they support:

Types of Business Loans:

    • Working Capital Loan: Helps cover short-term operational expenses.
    • Term Loan: Offers a lump sum with fixed repayment terms.
    • MCA (Merchant Cash Advance): Based on future credit card sales.
    • Equipment Financing: Specifically for purchasing equipment.
    • SBA Loans: Backed by the Small Business Administration.
    • Accounts Receivable Financing: Uses outstanding invoices as collateral.
    • Black Business Loans: Tailored for Black-owned businesses.

About Lifeline Financial

Lifeline Financial, an agency based in Toronto, has been providing a range of services since its inception in September 2004. Under the leadership of veteran financial expert Ken Ntiamoa, Lifeline Financial offers services such as Business LoansDebt Management, and Credit Repair.




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